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Our story started in 2014, as a couple of young professionals trying to make their mark in the corporate world. Like many others our busy schedules meant we often relied on the easy option for lunch & dinner, usually at the expense of our health.

What we wanted was convenient food that was tasty, good for the body and suitable for an office or condo environment. So we started Polpa - providing a better food option for busy people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We also feel food should be exciting and fun! That's why we love to be creative - choosing unexpected ingredients and flavours combinations which result in vibrant dishes which are uniquely delicious. Our innovation extends to technology, where we offer a convenient online platform for customers to order our food.


Our food is Mediterranean inspired with Asian influences. We were drawn to Mediterranean cooking as it produces rich flavours and is inherently healthy since it relies on the natural taste of the ingredients.

This is at the heart of everything we do as we believe that good food should start with good ingredients. That's why we use artisanal suppliers producing natural products crafted using decades of experience. Where possible our ingredients are also local, organic and sustainably sourced - as it's right to support our communities.

We aren't strong believers in diets but rather maintaining good health with well balanced meals. We aim to keep you full and energised throughout the day. Polpa’s dishes are designed to have the right balance of fresh vegetables, whole grains and lean meat.

The food


At Polpa we take sustainability seriously. We feel it's good business to do good, thus we have a responsibility towards our customers, the environment and animal welfare. This is why we seek producers and suppliers who share our values and concerns.

Vegetables should be organic not only for health reasons but also because pesticides destroy soils, water sources and marine life. We promote hormone and antibiotic-free meat since these substances can be passed onto humans as we consume them, making us unknowingly resistant to these crucial drugs.

Our food packaging is made of natural plant fibres and is free from carcinogenic agents. It is biodegradable within 6 weeks and little waste is generated during the production process. We don’t reuse any of the packaging for hygiene purposes but there is no reason why you can’t reuse them at home, or even as a starter pot plant!




Prongfa Uennatornwaranggoon (Fon)

CEO and Co-founder

Fon is responsible for the company's product direction, strategy, and business development. Her failed attempt to cook fried rice at the age of 11 may have momentarily diverted her towards an engineering degree, but in fact the food “itch” never quite left her. After graduating from Imperial College London, Fon put her degree to one side in order to gain hands on experience in the food industry. Starting as a humble sales assistant Fon quickly progressed to managing and overseeing a number of Italian delicatessens for an international restaurant group. More recently as a Food Buyer in their London head office, she procured artisanal products from Italian producers. She enjoys watching cheesy sci-fi and is adept at spilling water on people and electronic equipment.

Dr Julian Timings

CTO and Co-founder

Julian's extensive expertise in optimisation, large datasets, and object-oriented programming comes in real handy at Polpa. Julian is the CTO, and is responsible for driving Polpa's e-commerce platform and logistical technologies. He was previously an Engineer for a leading Formula One motorsport team where he oversaw all technical aspects of their virtual reality driving simulator. He holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, and went on to gain a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He loves coffee, music and tech - so please get in touch with him about all things nerdy.


Please tell us how we are doing. What features would you like to see? Is there anything we can do better?