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Why go Prime?

Get 31% off every order

Save up to 31% on every order

Free delivery

Get free delivery on Prime orders

Delivery Guarantee

On-time delivery or get a free meal

Common Questions

How do I use my package?

Order via the website and choose and Prime as your payment method.

Which meals can I buy?

With the Prime credits, you will be able to buy any meal on the menu. The meals which cost THB 219 will be available for 1 Prime, meals more expensive are priced between 1.1 and 1.4 Prime.

What is Smart Reload?

With Smart Reload, your package will be renewed automatically when it runs out. You can deactivate this setting anytime in your payment methods on the app or contact our customer support.

Is there a delivery fee?

No, there is no delivery fee with Prime. You only pay for your package and that’s it!

What's your delivery area?

You can see our delivery area on our website.

Can I change to a different package later?

You can simply add a new package to your account - once your old package is used up, the new one will be used automatically.

Is this a subscription?

No! Prime meals have no expiration date so you can redeem them at any time. Prime was specifically designed to suit your schedule and your lifestyle. You order when you want to.